GC seeks feedback on totems, warlock spells

2010-Apr-23, 11:04

Warlocks, which spells do you never use? Please don't clutter up the thread with extraneous issues. Or feel free to talk about it here, whatever. They're not going to remove or sideline them, but they are interested in making them "cooler," which is certainly much-needed. Again, please do not talk about extraneous issues in that thread - just talk about totems.So go on and post your feedback in GC's threads (warlock, shaman). Eye of Kilrogg maybe, but I wouldn't want to lose that. I do think totems feel clunky, but I can't think of how to fix them exactly - I guess that's why I'm not a game designer. Shadow Ward is used pretty infrequently. I actually think they did a pretty good job with the Spellstone/Firestone change of getting rid of two previously useless spells; I can't think of many obvious candidates off the top of my head. Shamans: Totems, totems, totems. .
Since somewhat before the Wrath beta, we've been seeing a much more interactive Blizzard development team. The level of open communication with and feedback gathering from the community has been raised significantly, and with people like Ghostcrawler giving straight answers as much as he can, I'm feeling a lot better about the lines of communication between developers and players.At the moment, Ghostcrawler is specifically asking for feedback on the following two issues:

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The Spy in New Hearthglen

2010-Apr-23, 11:04
Deliver the Scarlet Onslaught Daily Orders to Agent Skully at New Hearthglen.
Don't blow my cover, death knight!
Let me see those plans.
Scarlet Onslaught Daily Orders (Provided)Description I have a spy within the ranks of the Scarlet Onslaught. I need you to deliver these daily orders to her so that she can plan the next phase of our assault.

lt;The agent looks around to make sure that no one is watching as she puts down her shovel.gt;

Reputation 250 reputation with The Hand of Vengeance

Here, take these orders to her, and then do as she asks. You'll find the graveyard on the side of the abbey.
She goes by the name of Agent Skully and she's under a magical guise to appear as the Onslaught's cemetery caretaker.
CompletionYou have word from the spy mistress?
Progresslt;The agent eyes you up and down, and then silently motions you over.gt;
UpdateReturn to Agent Skully at The Dragon Wastes in Dragonblight.

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The Alliance Needs More Purple Lotus!

2010-Apr-23, 11:04
Bring 20 purple lotus to Master Nightsong at the airfield in Dun Morogh.
Purple Lotus (20)Description Welcome back lt;Classgt;. Our collection grows, but even now we have a need for additional purple lotus. If it is still within your power to gather more of the herb, I entreat you to do so and return them to me here. .
Rewards77777Alliance Commendation Signet
Cannot be sold77777Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies
Cannot be sold
Tags: repeatable

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Blizzard permet de montrer l

2010-Apr-23, 11:04
le laguna de l#39;art et le design a avec Blizzard dans le - certains des de Blizzard sont disponibles la de et elle les a artistes au cours de travailler avec les avant. Ils ont mis sur l#39;art montre qu#39;il ya, et cette semaine, ils mettent sur un autre. L#39;exposition sera ouverte le 1er octobre et le dernier sur le reste du mois, et ils avoir un de le 23 octobre (il est ouvert au public, et vous pouvez parier qu#39;il y aura plus d#39;un des artistes Blizzard peu pour dire salut suivre).

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& lt;br />

How to Become a dps no.1

2010-Apr-23, 11:04

the riad with the wow-oriented, more and more people start to join a team of 20-40 people to experience this game. Are likely to more than one person booing, all like to come to a comparison and his own injuries, output, and proud of it. My question is, in your eyes, how to reach a qualified high-damage output of it? Rely on devices? I think many people are holding this in mind, so they will issue endlessly laments: Oh, you#39;re a crit more than I doThe one or two points only, and so I changed xxx, I would ooo ... ... people who say such words, just like the workers, always only on the lowest level of dps hovering ... ...
First Law:
small, want to be heroes when they grow up and students to discuss what kind of person can be successful as to qualify as a hero, a result of the discussion: those who survived! Say such a thing is vulgar, but I would like to ask is, if a game can not be s / l do not look at Raiders, you can smooth customs clearanceDo? If everything can not be again, a lot of heroes Peizi may just curious Tirisfal eastward from the dead through the barriers, they never came back ... ... So you see, alive is important, it is done into the premise of all things! Many people are not convinced, saying that My God you look at the film#39;s heroes are not afraid of death! Thank you, that#39;s not a hero that was Superman, in reality, we will not say a single game that you will be able to put on board a thief do? Wear is not on? Not reach you for not wearing a Superman, and honestly the Why Why! Division of labor in the raid inside, thieves and huntingPeople have always hurt the team for as a separate sub-together, up to a maximum of points a deputy therapy to take care of you, but not ae Master Warlock, when there will be no treatment to focus on your body, so you have to clearly know If you do not hurt the uncontrolled madness output, once dead, you will lose a lot of damage output. Because, when lying on the ground in your mouth, your competitors are deliberately increasing the total damage. This is the first principle of survival. Now let us consider the enemy#39;s attack: the enemy would use fear? Groups still have only one fear fear? Does the enemy will use drugs? One group of drugs or drug? Group of drugs, if the scope of attacks on the direction of attack and how is their first trip to ... ... you may not know, second, third ... ... in hand to be played to cocoon, if you do not know, do not dps, and go home till the fields bar ! To Zul#39;Gurub, for example, Viper is a very horrible life, it will have a positive 45-degree angle within 20 yards of all the venom injection, direct injury to 500 , continuing injury to 500 , a total of nearly 1100 damage, what thieves Master Hunter of your life, there are a few 1100 ? Master does not say,They have changed the general task of sheep and can not escape fairly excusable, but we can allow one should have to stand 30 yards outside the hunters have been sprayed to it? Would allow one side of the roundabout should sneak thieves have been sprayed to it? When you have been hurt after the first principle out of existence, you will become cautious, but once again as long as had been hurt, it is possible that you will abandon the attack on the use of bandages or waiting for treatment, but at this time, your competitors are deliberately increasing the total damage. Let us return to Zul#39;Gurub, where the worship and patrolling guards will use groups of fear, as nearlyHeight damage output thieves, whenever I see them work their heads to sunset Skeleton running, always sincerely in their hearts soon as mother scolded. In the present circumstances, to get an anti-terrorism badge (a badge solution thieves fear) is a very easy thing to do, but there are two ornaments each column, the enemy knows there are groups under the conditions of fear, can change a badge is so difficult to do? Did you know you are chasing a dream on, your competitors, opponents are deliberately increasing the total damage. This is the survival of the second principle: to reduce the vulnerability of the damage and control the time. In an ideal environment, the tank can pull all the monster, animal husbandry,Teachers can be perfect for tanks, treatment, harm the output to the output could be hurt with impunity. May be the actual situation? Tanks, there is always a time when Latin America do not live hate, tanks, there are always fallen due to the interruption of the treatment time, and even hatred of the enemy the means to eliminate the use of the time. So at this time, who luck? The most likely is the main treatment, but if there is a madman hurt more than the main output of hatred for help? Sorry then, you lie! There is no suspense, and a qualified therapist will not waste a little magic to your body! They will look for the Deputy tanks and wait for the main tank resurrection. So, dear reader, if theYou are an injury to the output, please put his own injuries, the output carefully hidden behind others, there is always not read the article idiot put himself in gun position, a team will always allow the existence of a few idiots, the most worst-case scenario is that they die off, while the remaining were all the things done. Note, however, if your enemy is the dragon, then please do not stand with them, because Long did not recognize income idiot! Therefore, the principle of survival of the last one is: hide the damage their own output. perhaps a madman to kill 99 odd, each monster you more output than a 1 point damage. Last played boss the injury, he is still higher than you, but then lost control tanks hatred had led to his premature death a minute than you, at this minute, you hurt the output of the 100, so you won the war. Losers look of frustration and agree with: Why boss fight I did not hit you! See, an idiot is always asking such a question.
damage output bottleneck that? Is not your crit, nor harm you, nor the strength of your law. Traction is the main tank the amount of hatred! In other words, if we can quantify it, what the main tank to attractTo the hatred volume is 100, then the output of all the damage can not be more than 100, of course, if repairs are interested in spending a corpse lying in the ground, then I think we will not mind that you have hurt ot the. So, when here, dear readers now you know why an association request hoarse cultivate a strong main tank, right? And not just because he has to bear the brunt of damage, but also because of his hurt and hatred only increased, and you can play strength. Of course, be pointed out that the hunter is a very high-quality type of injury, because they can play dead indefinitely clean-upHatred, so a hunter can be in the copy where the greatest extent of the damage to increase their output. As far as possible so, we still see a lot of good and even Shadow Priest Warlock Mage Rogue dps than their hunters, how they do it? Thieves is the key to two skills: a feint and disappear! Diversion can eliminate some of hatred, but the need to consume some energy, and disappears, you can eliminate all the hatred, just need to consume only props. But many thieves would not do, they see the enemy up the vicious attacks on looks sound totally do not care about are not won by the enemy, if the enemy is the strength of a smallerFortunately, the monster, a monster is not encountered in large-scale high-intensity and disappearance of the thieves know how to feint really should be beaten! By the same token, many of Warlock, Mage only care about his own talent plus the number of injuries, storms hit their highest number of injuries, see the other warlock with imp they laughed at, oh baby you are really afraid of death, look at me with a Succubus injury tall; see the other Master to use Arcane Missiles they laughed at, oh look at me you#39;re really a waste of mana fireball is much more cool H; see Paladin added to save himself does not want to tell me the King to me my king to create injury; see the dark, animal husbandry and in the soul terribly surprised that they lash out how pastors can create injuryHarm that you do not life it? They do not know evil warlock with imp can reduce 20% of the damage caused by hatred; they do not know that the rate of the Arcane Subtlety Arcane missiles can reduce 40% of the damage caused by hatred; they do not know Blessing of Salvation can reduce 30% damage caused by hatred of ; they even do not know a dark, animal husbandry and addition of Silent Resolve and Shadow Affinity and talent can be reduced by 50% Shadow damage caused by hatred! Do not know how to hide the hatred and hurt people who can never be done first, because they can not exceed the maximum amount of hatred the bottleneck. There is a thief, in the riad where each groupFlutter when you can not find his body, because he is alive; he would not be arguing with the Canadian Shield Canadian blood increases stamina, because he has no patience for the body even do not mind; him like a shadow, like, forever silent did not say In a word, quietly drinking himself mongoose double-edged on the drug. Last dps statistics came out, he is no.1. This time, he sneak out of the state to put aside two-edged said: hey, this did not play well, multi-stretch of the two bandages!

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80 attributes the formula

2010-Apr-23, 11:04

cow people every year, today is particularly high. wotlkwiki.info forums a dear friend, actually calculated the 80 properties of its own additive formula!
he used the mathematical software, as well as wowiki on mathimagic equipment simulator, fitted out the mathematical equations, and derive general results. Although the existence of these formulas may be a great blunder, but in any case, please for the old chap#39;s studyThe spirit of applause! Note: As I mentioned above, these values may not be accurate, because the one now Neice level 75 cap, that is, there is no numerical reference 80; Second, many attributes (such as explosion hit, or hit) is also subject to the impact of their own properties, therefore, the calculation is very likely errors. Equipment to enhance the formula: magic heavy blow: 30.16 / 1%;
spell hit: 17.2 / 1%;
weapons blow: 30.16 / 1%;
weapons hit: 21.52 / 1%;
weapons and a rapid / spell rapid: 21.52 / 1%; agile bring Addition: Druid: 17.4 Agility / 1% dodge;
Hunter: 33 Agility / 1% dodge;
Master: 30 Agility / 1% dodge;
Paladin: 30 Agility / 1% dodge;
Pastor: 30 Agility / 1% dodge;
thieves: 25.5 Agility / 1% dodge;
Shaman: 30 Agility / 1% dodge;
Warlock: 30 Agility / 1% dodge;
Warrior: 40 Agility / 1% dodge Druid: 30 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
Hunter: 47 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
Master: 30 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
Paladin: 30 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
Pastor: 30 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
thieves: 51 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
SaMan: 30 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
Warlock: 30 Agility / 1% heavy blow;
Warrior: 46 Agility / 1% heavy blow; Intelligence Addition: Warlock: 103.24 intellectual / 1% heavy blow;
Druid : 100 intellectual / 1% heavy blow;
Shaman: 100.5 intellectual / 1% heavy blow;
Master: 100.5 intellectual / 1% heavy blow;
Pastor: 100.8 intellectual / 1% heavy blow;
Paladin: 106.1 intellectual / 1% heavy blow.

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2010-Apr-23, 11:04
quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; The new service guide source: www.wowgold365.co.uk Published time :2009-11 -4 In order to meet the needs of players, and usher in the new version of the arrival of online games hot martial arts masterpiece quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; shock revival, to open a new clothing Soon to open clothes, new clothes were full, the server Biao red across the board. Peach Blossom Island peak and visitors crowd robust. Or a wish to come together to revive its former glory in the new service, or
in order toTo meet the player#39;s needs and meet the new version of the arrival of online games hot martial arts masterpiece quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; shock revival, to open a new clothing Soon to open clothes, new clothes were full, the server Biao red across the board. Peach Blossom Island peak and visitors crowd robust. Or a wish to come together to revive its former glory in the new service, or the first time to become acquainted with the sincere comrades in arms; arena#39;s biggest city, city of Kaifeng, is even more crowded, trading, trading, contests, Hayashi, to be heard throughout the arena filled. The new rivers and lakes, hot flourishing, hurry to join the ranks of the new army service bar, happily allies and enemies, non-none other than you.

rightOf the old players in the new arena where of course themselves, and its capability. But for new players is concerned, the rivers and lakes may also be strange, how quickly upgrade, to make money? How it allocates triple points? Which Menpai best for themselves? These are troubled them. Today, the quot;New Heaven Sword and Tu Longdaoquot; Decent show for the quot;new clothes Guidequot; to help the shrimp are quickly entering the arena strange farewell, my arena listen to me!

quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; Official Website: http://www.wowgold365.co.uk/?fontgt;

during the days when the Peach Blossom Island - novice task

entering the martial arts, you will be living in the beautiful Peach Blossom Island, the fragrance of peach, green fragrance of forest birds sound of gurgling stream sounds really beautiful ah! Wei Wei ~ do not just look at the scenery, and quickly went to Peach Blossom Island, an quot;advocatequot; Huang Rong mm then novice tasks, is rapidly emerging from a quot;fledglingquot; This hat is the best option. Auto Routing is not a panacea, but it does not automatically find Road is totally unacceptable. quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; original npc visual quot;navigation systemquot;, only lightPut it mildly, the task easy to do, no matter how you line of rivers and lakes.
the first step towards heroes journey - study with a teacher who worked hard, to 10, bid farewell to the lovely Peach Blossom Island and Huang Rong mm, is really a little dismay ah. But the heroes Faces Well, you will come to martial arts world#39;s biggest city - Kaifeng! Here is the arena knight their distribution center, trading, trading, contests, Hayashi, to be heard is full of the city. According to the task tips, find Menpai pick people, choose the favorite Menpai, Hayashi go. quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Dao,quot; Five Men Pai, each with features, combined with the five elements system, allelopathy, certainly since theAlready living space. Menpai not the strongest, only the strongest players.
upgrade a shortcut to make money - wonderful activity to allow novice players in the arena where rapid growth of the martial arts to enjoy a happy life. quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; special launch of a number of exciting events: quot;three times the experience ofquot; activities, allowing the player to experience the thrill of upgrading the speed of light; want to get rich quick do? It would play quot;Biao Xing Wanliquot; activity bar; quot;invasion of the Year Beastquot; and quot;Jiang Hu trivialquot; activities, interesting, good rewards. More exciting activities to do in the quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Dao,quot; quickly come to rivers and lakes Fun Bar! Know-how lonely farewell rivers and lakes --Emotional world


martial arts is a passion, and it is romantic. Mm chatting in and reasonable use of the lovely expression of steamed buns, and teased her happy; holiday time, given her romantic roses, so she moved. To find a person to share your joy, share your sorrow, rivers and lakes are no longer alone.
loyalty of the brothers

quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; in rivers and lakes not only the pathos of love, more Liangleichadao of brotherhood! Dumu difficult to forest, everyone picked upChai flame high, hence the addition of a powerful gang is necessary, an arrow flew through the clouds, a mighty force to meet, when you are bullied to do the task or a lack of team when the gang#39;s brother could not sit still .

Chuangdangjianghu loyal followers, of course, need a good helper, so a good followers is essential. Launched a new version of entourage, a new spirituality and character of the two games are played. quot;Pet look at fourquot; rule: look at property, see growth, look at skills, look at character. According to their own needs, a reasonable choice of pets, upgraded by attacking pets, pk blood pet, the most Sign up now
experience: http://www.wowgold365.co.uk/?register/accountregister.jsp experience the most authentic arena disputes and feel the most authentic martial arts legend. quot;New Heaven Sword and Tulong Daoquot; - here drunk rivers and lakes!

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"More DoTs" cameo in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

2010-Apr-23, 11:04

ihatemostthings' friend found something fun in the new(ish) game F.R. You can click the picture above to see a closeup view of what the screen says. 2: Project Origin.E. Apparently, wandering around in the game, you can come across a little terminal that has some familiar code to anyone who's ever raided with a more-than-enthusiastic raid leader (NSFW).A. .

Pretty cute. Blizzard has seen fit to make nods to other games in Azeroth, so it's fun to see other game companies return the favor.

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2010-Apr-23, 11:04
quot;New Chivalry Road,quot; October 16 pairs of clothes Let#39;s open the eight activities, handsome hero Source: www.wowgold365.co . uk Published time :2009-10-16 arena, there is always pains and sorrows, brothers, friends, lovers, often borne in mind, echocardiography is still endless. quot;New Chivalry Roadquot;: a friend - I come; brothers - we continue; love - you and me together! Autumn leaves, you take away my dreams, but do not go with our hopes and ZhuangChi. In mid-autumn, we carry a sword, walking in the battle each other in both good and bad to walk in the rivers and lakes, the walking in the quot;New Chivalry Road,quot; where the heat wave! Open service time: 2009 10 Yue 16 Ri 14:00
server name: Telecom: Netcom, Dragon Inn: snow gods will accompany marriage Xia of miles!
quot;pre-existence a million times Looking back, the love of this life eternal.quot; Son of his wives, and this is a good offer, should not bring up Jesus Christ barrier Qianshan regret. Rivers and lakes, this place where both good and bad mixed, the new Chivalry Road, handed down the Food of Love for your traction.
activitiesInter: October 16, 2009 -11 16
activity patterns: When each player 30, the system will pop-up prompt box, and require players to enter: age, qq number, location, hobbies, four of information. In the database to look for one with the players within the age gap between the 2-year-old players of the opposite sex (male than females 2-year-old range), when the search for suitable candidates after the match (must be online), the system will send a message to two. Will match the player#39;s gender, age, qq number, name of the game tell the other players. (Each player can only match one person) player matched, will begin twoMarriages were long journey, first to reach the quot;silk marriage statequot; players will be q reward currency.
activity incentives: matching the success of the system, and the players can get married to limited edition quot;with one mindquot; ( 20% movement speed, transfer function). The first to achieve quot;wire marriage statequot; and that both spouses have reached 60 players will receive a reward currency 5q hair last. (Special Note: the same number can receive a qq once, re-use an invalid, submitted the wrong number, you can not receive the prize qq) Jiusong Acura suit! Time: October 16 -11 16ljz322 Activities: During the event, whatever the quot;new Chivalry Roadquot; players, grade greater than or equal to 25 pm in the capital of the martial arts magic suite Messenger Service (317,255) at this stage they can receive the best martial arts magic suit. Martial arts magic set description:

gift sets all directly strengthen the martial arts magic to 9.
gift sets all the martial arts magic as a binding equipment, non-tradable, non-sale.
gift sets all of the martial arts magicNo hole equipment.
The event can only participate in once, can not be repeated involvement.
extract digital Award!
Time: new services, opening up a month later. November 16, according to the current level the player to decide the number of extracted digital awards.
activity flow: Grade 60-80 level players taking a second; Level 81-100 Level 1 extraction; level 101 or above extract 1.
Note: The player to reach a level of extraction for each one, for example, the player 101 can be extracted 3 times.
receive Venue: Beijing lottery officials (320.250).
prizes: New clothes for every service, 1 psp game; a Taiwan digital camera. Also have the opportunity to obtain ingot props presented. props for free delivery! Time: long-term
the terms of participation: the newly created role, all of November 1, 2009 prior to the establishment of roles.
Activities: Each newly created role, in the role will be given time to create an arena Qiankun Dai, players can
at 25, 50, 80Get Qiankun Dai reward. 25 Reward: 500 gold ingot worth of quot;new tour cardquot; 1;
50 Ji Reward: 500 gold ingot worth of quot;new tour cardquot; 2;
80 Ji Award: Value 1200 ingot quot;vip chivalrous cardquot; 1.
truth feedback, massive gold ingot mad props delivery.
script: open area class Draw
open area in January or reach 61-80 level players have a lucky draw opportunities; 81-100 level players have 2 lucky draw opportunities; more than 101 players have drawn three timesAward for opportunities. Massive props ingot presented.
life that we are brothers!

Peach, we are battle-yellow sand yinma Kyushu; Shaoshi Shan, we are talking and bloody warlords. Our body Pentium passion blood, our soul has fetched breeds pride, so we carry a sword horizon, so we have a common destiny, the world we are brothers!
Time: October 16, 2009 -11 16 forms of activities:
1, all the brothers and players can participate.ljz322 2, open area within a month, brothers and players in any one of them brothers, in the npc Application Service (capital 99.99) for participating. At this time server statistics for all the brothers and the level of online players in all brothers, and the highest levels of the players can choose red, dark gold and purple in a color to change the display color of their brothers were.
3, the activities in a month time, any brothers and players can register at any time npc Brothers Department (capital 99.99) at any time
refresh the sum of their class brothers, at any time refreshOnly the level of statistical brothers all online (not including the hook and off-line brother), please be sure each brother online players to claim a refresh.
4, a month after the end of active time, npc brother Registration Department (Capital 99.99) will disappear, this time to the statistics and the highest level of the famous brothers, be retained in a special color.
5, during the event period, if there is another brother, brothers, team level exceeded the original first, then the first brother, the brother of the original name of the color back to normal.
gang my home!
the sameGoal, let us gather in together, sharing weal and woe of life and death match, we are united in a common advance and retreat, no one can bully our compatriots, no one can insult our common name, believe me, I will fight to the death with their lives to defend our common home.
Time: October 16, 2009 -11 16 forms of activities:
strong gang selection rules: based on prosperity and degree of the size of gang scheduling, gang prosperity and degree of the top five in the five-strong gang gang. The prosperity of their own gang in the gang-degree home page of the query interface; other degrees can be gang#39;s prosperity andquot;Jiang Hu Xiao-100quot; list of the quot;forces ofquot; lists to search. Top five gang scheduled to date: week have been scheduled once a week, 20:30 am scheduled for the evening of top five gangs. Gang and prosperity scale value: refers to the behavior of active gang members judge the value of the degree of gang prosperity every Monday morning will be removed, need to re-accumulate. Degree of increase in prosperity and rule: the current open the following types of behavior can increase the degree of gang and prosperity, we will as soon as possible to open more channels to determine degree of prosperity.
Jade Refining: The leader of an alliance so consumed by the number of martial arts will be an increase in gang and prosperity 1:1 scale value, as well as their own tribute to help the value. Tianlao break through the barrier:Successfully been through a layer of each, may think that prosperity and degree of 1, as well as their own gang to help the value of 1 tribute.
three main tasks: Each successful completion of a martial arts Union Chamber of Commerce, the three major daily tasks, may think that prosperity and degree of 1, as well as their own gang to help the value of 1 tribute.
Five Stone Sentinel Maze: Every succeeded for a while and that the gang may be 1 degree of prosperity, as well as their own tribute to help the value of 1.
Jade Precision Activities: Activities at the end, this helped the number of fine jade and prosperity on the increase the number of degrees (600 is maximum), this activity does not increase the value of helping tribute. Five strong gang interests: five strong gang of Bangzhu the increase inBlood upper limit of the exclusive addition of 10% of the post. 5 strong, vice Bangzhu gang to increase blood volume of 5% upper limit of the exclusive functions of addition.
fast packet Gifts received non-stop!
types of activities: a man#39;s world, the fighting is the kingly way! quot;Bullish rapid packagequot; to help you at top speed upgrade, always winning, best of both worlds! Heroes on the line directly after you collect the quot;bullish rapid packagequot;, when the grades for every 5 you can upgrade directly to open the quot;bullish rapid packagequot;, you can always receive the 100.
Time: permanent open
activities in process: after the opening of the new service, you heroes into the game to automatically receive after the quot;bullish rapid packagequot;, when the role of each level to upgrade five of the recipients of prizes can be carried out, we will be presented to the player packs to be eligible for to 100, each role can be free of charge to receive 20 times, let you tour Xinxia, Swordsman. the number of awards a bonus
Level 2 Award 3 Award 4
51 King Shark Powder * 50 small-Dan * 50
102 is also a small shark was also Dan * 50 Gold * 50
153 Gold Powder Bulk * 50 deer blood sharkPills * 10 Beijing God OK Ling Fu * 9
204 small sharks is also Dan * 50 Gold Powder * 50 flights so * 1
255 King Shark God the capital line of casual * 50 * 9 novice double-Ling Fu Jing Fu Menpai secular music can draw people to visit letter
306 pills * 10 male deer blood (rompe) / F (Feng-pei) Health and iron ore * 10 Tang Tien-Tai is also called letter
357 * 50 high-level repair of Dan Dan * 2 * 5 Jiuxian martial arts proficiency fragments called letter
408 Golden Eagle Bulk * 50 * 2 novice to make martial arts Notices double precision symbol jade appraisers visit the letter
459 Deer Blood Pills * * 10 flights so that fragments of a miscellaneous and proficiency * 5 Bamboo Sea of Yibin Chamber of Commerce, visit the chivalry letter
5010 Yinpiao 100000 coins wedding party approval novice double precision symbol Menpai secular music can draw people to visit letter
5511 golden eagle Powder * 50 * 1 4 St. Foyin martial arts proficiency * 32000 Alliance Cheats 1 deacons visited martial arts
6012 letter to Dan * 50 Yuen Tai Huan Jing Meng days * 32000 * a miscellaneous and proficiency Cheats Chamber of Commerce, visit a xingxiu hai letter
6513 Grand also Dan * 50 * 1 iron to make the flightOre * 10 Prachuab Plains Chamber of Commerce, visit the letter
7014 Golden Eagle Bulk * 50 * 1 4 St. Foyin martial arts proficiency pieces * 5 Songshan Chamber of Commerce, visit the chivalry letter
7515 Yinpiao 150000 coins Hyun Dream Crystal * a fragment * miscellaneous and Proficiency 5 Chamber of Commerce, visit the Leshan Giant Buddha letter
8016 Yinpiao 150000 chivalrous major currencies is also Dan * 50 * unnamed bronze double precision symbol * 2
8517 Golden Eagle Bulk * 50 double precision symbol chest keys * 2 visited letter
Jueqing Gu Chamber of Commerce 9018 Yinpiao 200000Chivalry coins sealed foil bear bile pills * 10 double precision chest Fu * 2
9519 Promise to make Dan * 50 * 16 Topaz flying beasts, Chamber of Commerce, visit the chivalry letter
10020 Yinpiao 200000 golden eagle coins scattered dye votes * 2 * 50 martial arts proficiency * 64000 Cheats 1
1, game props donated items are binding.
2,5-100 class for free to receive. 105-200 level can be used to obtain goods quot;vip chivalrous cardquot; activated, quot;vip chivalrousquot; in100 Po-ko in the sale price of each card 1200 ingot. big surprise good easy to upgrade!
experience to obtain a higher, more powerful pk Daguai, faster novice advanced rapidly through the novice zone to enter the dispute continued, strong opponents, as clouds, rivers and lakes of the world, quot;New Chivalry Roadquot; double experience, four days , time-bound open and seize the high ground level, winning martial arts Gizmo Guys seat. Time: October 16, 2009 14:00-10 month at 2:00 p.m. on the 20th Activity Rules: In order to get you winning the prize of the soft Defied Xinxia experience the different kind rivers and lakes. The enjoyment of all the newly opened four new serviceTwice as much experience in the activities of the scene to receive an unconditional, on-line without operator immediately to enjoy! Final interpretation of this event in Chengdu owned by DreamWorks Network Information Co., Ltd.! The new rivers and lakes, quot;New Chivalry Roadquot;! Heritage martial arts classic, Jagged tenderness again later. China#39;s own martial arts online games, October 16 widely scattered to battle. Is a hero, you will come!

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Blizzard gagne un gros lot au MI6 ljz

2010-Apr-23, 11:04

medievaldragon a tous les de la sur le marketing MI6 Blizzard a pour un certain nombre de bourses), et apparemment, c#39;est un coup de balai: Blizzard a dans toutes les six prix, ils ont po assez impressionnant - ils ont pour le marketing global sur la du roi-liche (qui ressemblait une difficile pour eux) le mieux, l#39;emballage du produit pour l#39;expansion et la meilleur logo du produit pour Diablo III, ainsi que deux prix pour leur TV campagne, y compris la meilleure sur les plans commercial Ozzy Osbourne.

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December 22, 2009 latest Korean online game rating list baked

2010-Apr-23, 11:04
December 22, 2009 informed of the latest: Today, as we bring is December 22, 2009 latest Korean Online Game rating list baked in December 2009 on 22 weeks, a Korean online game quot;Age of Conan,quot; Following last week#39;s Top no.1 after the first week to maintain results, the new concept sports games horse racing Casual online games quot;aliciaquot; This forced their way into a single top ten list, came in fourth place. In addition, Chinese-made role-play networkGames work, quot;decisively olquot; the game ranked fifth in the name of the game online games ranked No. 1 market sharequot;Age of Conan,quot; 4.41% No. 2, quot;Dragon Ball olquot;3.76% the first three quot;wind upquot; 3.59%No. 4 quot;aliciaquot; 3.21% the first five quot;decision tool quot;2.68% the first sixquot; valiant quot;2.43%Chapter 7, quot;Zwei olquot; 1.82% No. 8quot;Myshosquot; 1.47% No. 9 quot;cosmic breakquot;0.90% No. 10 quot;psychicquot; Baifen Zhi 0.81
Latest AsiaChau latest Korean online game top of the charts: quot;Age of Conanquot; online game to appreciate works of wonderful shots

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Voiceless soft body is not pushed down

2010-Apr-23, 11:04
voiceless-body push not fall quot;evequot; mother ship coming out super-meng Source: www.wowgold365.co.uk on time :2009-12-30 eve, as the world#39;s largest online games space, Star Wars, with its excellent quality and has always been proudly in the global gaming industry. This can accommodate tens of thousands of people killing one in the same server, the Star Wars online game, after several years of development, not only did not fade out our line of sight, but to attract a growing number of players engaged in this piece of magicOf the universe. eve of thousands of kinds of ships are also very attractive part. Recently, an eve gamers quot;bbquot; on the eve of the passion out of specially mapped the eve of a popular Gallente battleship quot;10000 King throne-levelquot; incarnation - mother ship. To make this lovely mother ship even more vividly in his paintings specially written before the mother ship to set the characters before they appeared so lovely mother ship. eve 10000 Wang throne-class destroyers mother figure set name: Meijiasuer
Race: Gallente
Age: 15 years old ljz322Height: 158cm
Weight: 39kg
Personality: careful, poor communication and rhetoric, has extraordinary patience and perseverance. Favorite weapons: moving rapidly artillery, unmanned aerial vehicles.
like equipment: micro-jump thrusters, stagnation winding beam
like to do things: the stars at night in the open.
favorite galaxies: Pan-ray source Meijiasuer is a careful girl, grew up in a wealthy family tradition Gallente. She likes things that feel full of history,, It seems from the inside can see the traces of time. Love found in ancient literature, she also tried to make their own vintage of wine, and even mold has kind of made a number of ancient sculptures. These elements combined with the Gallente repeat it in the universe of the Middle Ages Art Competition, winning numerous awards. She is also a patient girl, the things that require time to accumulate special interest, such as gardening. Although she is less than 1 meter tall and 60, but you can never ignore her, therefore power. In the combat field, seemingly weak strength of her own to win a second victory. To see her thin body, perhaps you would like to:Close to her, and surely can just take her down. If and when your fists really hit Meijiasuer body, her body armor will break off most of the impact. Next, you have to be ready to accept her like a fist in the storm. Perhaps she is not the intensity of each fist, but the frequency of ultra-fast attack will let you can not defend themselves against it. You want to beat her, you have to be more powerful than she. In addition, she#39;s a very good endurance, you need to do a good job mentally prepared for a protracted war. Although the fighting Meijiasuer share good talent, but you can do this that she is a rough tomboy. Inherited a few years ago, the Earth#39;s atmosphere, she has a French aristocratInherent arrogance. Even in the driving seat of Kings-class warships, when body length is also able to ship hundreds of its capability to control the steel behemoth. Dexterity and skill, and fierce artillery forces moving rapidly as Meijiasuer figure appears in the combat field, always will be an elegant set of opponents to death. Said so much, in the end is what the mother ship looks like, let us Check it out!
eve ship mother ship mother Meijiasuer
computer graphics process from plan point of view, Meijiasuer shape embodies the many-class warships to the throne of Kings elements, legsArmor and warships in the front line of succession, the bridge while others hide behind its become a beautiful metal bow Gallente forces insignia are tied forehead, people will be able to understand its a pure Gallente descent. It is reported that the player to further the idea of other ethnic groups are also being mother ship, I believe that when we see the time will be able to have more surprises. Official welcome more players at any time, Received, will ship your mother carefully drawn with all the eve of the fans to share.
eve 10000 Wang throne class
warships in space
eve of intense Star Wars

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WoW Moviewatch: Hark! Hear the Wails

2010-Apr-22, 07:35

This video isn't new, but I venture to say it's still an excellent Azerothian holiday carol -- despite the fact that it's far from cheerful. Of course, once one is Undead, I imagine the season's festivities take on a different light entirely.

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Dr. Phil confronts WoW players

2010-Apr-22, 07:35
Yes, Oprah's psychologist (actually, I heard just the other day on Wait Wait that Dr. Phil to draw out the stereotype to anyone who finds a little fun in the online world of Azeroth. Phil was originally hired as a jury consultant on Oprah's beef slander case) has turned his mustachioed and Texas-accented attention to MMO gamers, and it's the usual rundown: someone's been playing the game way too much, and it's time for Dr. .

In all seriousness, sure, it's possible to play these games too much, and if you're playing the game even after you've lost a job or sacrificed a relationship, it's time to get help (or even better, just unplug the computer). But it would be nice to see a healthy gamer on these shows once in a while -- there's definitely plenty of them around, too.
To be fair, I haven't seen the show itself, so maybe Phil does admit that millions of people around the world play these games in their free time, and that the vast majority of them have paying jobs, lead healthy lives and have happy relationships. Here's a helpful question: do you feel you play online games to deal with anxiety or depression in your life? If so, you may have anxiety or depression in your life! Thanks, Dr. But he doesn't feature any of those on his website -- instead, he's got the story of lives ruined over and over again because folks without self control took their game too far. Worried that you might be addicted? Dr. Phil's also got a "gaming behavior audit" that will let you know, in just ten questions, whether you're an addict or not. And all the usual TV culprits are there -- flash cuts of chaotic keyboard and controller pressing, blurred video, and pictures of pasty gamers playing late into the night while the rest of their lives go ignored. Phil! .

[via BlizzPlanet]

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< ;br />

la nuit d

2010-Apr-22, 07:35

la nuit avant le Voile d#39;hiver et tout au long de la maison
pas une en remuant, sans un seul clic de la souris

les cadeaux ont par l#39;arbre avec beaucoup de soin,
dans l#39;espoir que la Grand #39;hiver sera

les orphelins tout soit bien dans leur lit, tandis que des visions de
Brew pandaren dansaient dans leurs

et mon guildie dans son et moi dans ma barre,
venait de s#39;installer pour un long

lorsqu#39;elles sont hors de la mine, il y eut un tel fracas,
je bondis de mon mammouth pour voir quelle la question.

Away la i jogging comme un
ouvrit la porte, comme je l#39;ai vers le haut le loquet.

la lune sur la poitrine de la neige
a de de la aux objets ci-dessous,

quand, quoi mes yeux devrait mais
un miniature et huit rennes minuscules,

avec un pilote de petite vieille, si vif et rapide,
Je savais que dans un moment il doit ton vieux

plus rapide que les griffons ses coursiers ils sont venus,
et il siffle, crie, et les appela par son nom;

quot;maintenant, Vashj! maintenant, Kael! sur Yogg et Arthas!
ON, Neth! sur bornakk! sur zarhym et Metzen!
au sommet de ne s#39;adaptent pas ces murs!
maintenant sprint away! Dash away! intercepter tous! quot;

que les feuilles qui, avant la mouche ouragan druide,
lors de leur rencontre avec une monter vers le ciel,

leur candidature jusqu#39;au sommet de la montagne ils ont les coursiers,
avec le plein de bombes sous gnome, et dr . chenilles aussi.

puis, en un clin j#39;ai entendu dans la mine
la pRancing et mise en gage de chaque nerf minuscule.

comme je l#39;appelle dans ma et qu#39;il tourne autour,
descendre du ciel, dr. Crawler est venu avec un bond.

il tout en twill, de la aux pieds,
et ses ont tous terni par les trolls et de suie;

un paquet de nerfs, il avait sur son dos,
et il ressemblait un dev qui venait en certains jack.

ses yeux - comment ils brillaient! ses nerfs comment joyeux!
il frappa ces trolls, puis Nerfed leur parade!

sa de petite bouche a comme un arc,
et la de son menton se moqua de

le moignon d#39;une pipe qu#39;il tenait dans ses dents,
et la a sa la comme une couronne;

il avait un visage large et une folle Pally balades,
qui ont quand il Nerfed le de leur visage ivre.

un clin et d#39;une torsion de la
me donnait de savoir que j#39;avais tout craindre;

il parlait, mais pittoresque mot, et va droit au travail,
nerfing ma classe droite en avant de ma couchette;

et en posant son doigt de son nez,
et de donner un signe de jusqu#39;au mur de la mine, il se leva;

il sauta sur le hors de de ma
et de distance, ils tous comme le Bas du Nogg #39;;

mais je l#39;ai entendu crier, avant qu#39;il a hors de vue,

quot;voile hiver tous et toutes une nuit nerffing!

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In-game fixes for December 16th

2010-Apr-22, 07:35
Blizzard has released another round of in-game fixes, this time late last night. The changes are not as epic (or controversial) as the increase in the Battered Hilt drop rate, but they're still important to note nonetheless.
The changes to Ionar and Tharon'Ja in particular will make killing these bosses much less awkward in today's pugs. Because most people are so far beyond that, you spend more time running around doing nothing than actually fighting with an encounter like Ionar. Back when Wrath was released DPS overall was much lower -- you'd be happy if you saw a DPS do 1500 on a boss fight. Pretty nice changes for those of us chaining a few heroics every day. .

Previously recent hot fixes:

Quel'Delar in now unique equip. Bosses no longer respawn in the new Frozen Halls 5 player dungeon after being defeated.co. Lord Marrowgar will now do significantly less melee damage in both the 10 player normal and 10 player heroic difficulty. Totems are no longer targeted by chain effects as intended. Onyxia has settled down and is once again killable and flying in the proper areas during phase 2. Druids will now be able to shapeshift out of a spell-reflected Entangling Roots spell. Earthen Power now properly removes snare effects. The Battered Hilt will show it's appropriate faction-racial restrictions. The drop rate for the Battered Hilt has been increased. http://www. In Ulduar, the Salvaged Demolisher's Hurl Boulder ability will now properly ignite tar. Scourgelord Tyrannus now heals to full when the encounter begins. In addition, when Chains of Ice is used on a snare immune target with Endless Winter talented, it will once again apply Frost Fever. The NPC Usuri Brightcoin in Dalaran now allows players to pay one Emblem of Frost to purchase one Emblem of Triumph. Onyxia has been cut off from the magic that sustained her invulnerable state. The Ephemeral Snowflake trinket now has a very short cooldown to prevent it from restoring inappropriately large amounts of mana.wowgold365. Hunger for Blood now increases a rogue's damage by 10% down from 15%. The quest "No Mercy for the Merciless" can now be completed as intended. http://www. The Death Knight chest piece, Scourgelord Chestguard, has been updated to reflect appropriate tanking statistics.wowgold365. lt; Hunters, Rogues, and Shaman will once again be able to roll need on off-hand weapons when the need before greed looting system is active. Icetouched Earthragers casting Avalanche now deals appropriate damage.html?topicId=21723842445amp;sid=1 Improved Counterspell now triggers Burning Determination as intended. Vault of Archavon bosses are again able to be hit by area of effect abilities.uk/?thread. The trinket Ephemeral Snowflake will now be triggered by all healing spells.html?topicId=21723843673amp;sid=1 Trading soulbound items will no longer make them appear as lost.co. The players' Gunship will now appropriately dock after achieving victory. Running up the ramp at the end of the 3rd encounter in Halls of Reflection will no longer disconnect players.uk/?thread. Naxxramas can now be cleared in any order for the Immortal and Undying achievements. The Call to Arms: Warsong Gulch daily quest is now properly offered to players of all levels. The chance for epic items to drop off trash mobs in the Icecrown Citadel raid dungeons has been reduced. Onyxia will now move at a normal speed when performing a Deep Breath. Chains of Ice is no longer limited to a single target. Players will no longer die while zoning into Icecrown citadel as the Gunship event resets. The Shadow damage from Scourge Strike will no longer be able to critically strike. This talent also refreshes the duration of Corruption with Drain Life and Haunt. Everlasting Affliction can now refresh the duration of Corruption on a target when the Warlock casts Shadow Bolt. The chance for epic items to drop off trash mobs in the Frozen Halls 5 player dungeons has been reduced. The quest "Keeping the Enemy at Bay" is now completable. You are now able to recast Mind Flay after missing with the spell without receiving a "This spell is not ready yet" message. The physical component will continue to be able to critically strike. The Skeletal Slave in the Pit of Saron has had the ability to drop the Battered Hilt and other random drop epics removed. Emblem of Triumph quartermasters now allows players to pay one Emblem of Triumph to purchase one Emblem of Conquest. .

The list of this round of changes include:
Ionar, in the Halls of Lightning, will now only disperse once during the course of the fight. The tooltip does not reflect this change, but it will in a future patch. This will make the encounter more difficult if you try to tank Saurfang with just one character. Additionally, the duration of Battlefury has also been reduced. Lord Marrowgar is now tauntable. Players with the quest "Wrath of the Lich King" will now properly receive quest credit. Prophet Tharon'Ja of Drak'Tharon will now only steal your flesh one time during the encounter.The full list of previous changes after the break. Deathbringer Saurfang's Rune of Blood has been modified to heal 10 times the amount of damage dealt instead of 5 times the damage. The Looking For Group item level requirement for Halls of Reflection has been raised to match the difficulty of the encounters. Muradin and Saurfang will no longer gain stacks of Battlefury from totems. .
Patch 3. With the new Icecrown Citadel 5-man dungeons and 10/25-man raid arriving soon, patch 3.3 will deal the final blow to Arthas. WoW.3 is the last major patch of Wrath of the Lich King.com's Guide to Patch 3.3 will keep you updated with all the latest patch news.

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Fenwick Thatros

2010-Apr-22, 07:35
Kill Fenwick Thatros and bring his head back to Mennet Carkad in the Rogues' Quarter of the Undercity.
Fenwick's HeadDescription Lord Varimathras has just sent me a missive about a threat to the Forsaken that must be immediately removed. His name is Fenwick Thatros, one whom Lord Varimathras believes is a leader of the undead that have taken root in Silverpine Forest.
ProgressI have placed the utmost faith in you to perform this service for Lord Varimathras.

The latest reports from the Deathstalkers in Silverpine indicate that Thatros can be found near the decrepit dock on Lordamere.
UpdateReturn to Mennet Carkad at Ruins of Lordaeron in Tirisfal Glades.
Your name came to mind immediately, lt;Namegt;. I have faith enough in your abilities that you will carry out this mission flawlessly.

CompletionYou've done well, lt;namegt;. It occurs to me that you have performed many services for the Deathstalkers, proving your worth, and that perhaps it is time that we furthered your training in the shadow arts.

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Tribal Cooking 300 Gonglue

2010-Apr-22, 07:35

rapid Fishing, Cooking 300 Gong Lue (especially for tribal) Author: Jian-Ling Sum the first step: to brush the meat novice area. I am a Troll, I will concentrate on Brush wild boar (tribal feeling is that the meat is the highest burst rate should be) and then rely on the meat, brush the cooking to 50. Step two: come to Mulgore to buy loach recipes. This time, if only for the speed you can fish at the edge of the little pond. Fishing roasted, can be repeated to a family on the 75. Upgrade npc on the edge of. Rose to the ceiling 150, to buy that this thorn to be catfish recipes, and then we Sheung Lo. But this is not my recommended route. My preference is to auction house to buy a delicious recipe wind snake, and then to the sweet swamp fish catch variation. Wind snakes are 85 delicious recipes, and now to do. However, a variation of sweet swamp loach fish and the probability of roughly 55 to open. Du Minato a 2-3 team back to the city about cooking them immediately to 120. The third step: Start fishing for catfish to be a thorn. Recommended fishing field is twofold: Jing teeth Town and Village, the former funeral video is aimed at the black mouth of course, go fish, while the latter is a step in order to post: Silver the first silicon-fish preparation. IfFruit grade is relatively high, went to the beach that is best funeral video above. Where the black population, cod, silicon fish, catfish can be bait. Fishing 225 waiting for you when there should be enough to catfish spines will rise to 175 in cooking. (Cooking the books break 150 and silver fish recipe the first silicon film in funeral!) Bought a prescription, cooking can instantly rose to 225, but also several groups of as many fish do! The fourth step is to do the task of breaking 225. Step five: go to hot sand in Hong Kong, where there is high fish recipes, and then things do not have me behind the bar I was prompted to Shanghai Thoradin the Jian-Ling heart, thank you cheer. Tribal cooking master the learning processAuthor: Midnight Deception tribe 225 players in cooking skills, grade 40, you can to Kalimdor neutral city in southern Tanaris Gadgetzan to learn Master Cooking.

first step, to find a butcher in Gadgetzan hotel Diergekui Freshwater Mussel Cliff then feast task. Requires you to collect three kinds of materials. The second step, Alterac cold cheese in the drop hammer, or the town of Tarren Mill at the hotel owner to buy, buy enough for 20 bar. Third step: Collect delicious Freshwater Mussel killing more than 40 marine type monster that can reach a huge clam shells, which can beFor the opening of the delicious Freshwater Mussel, collecting 10. I was going to kill the sea near the Stranglethorn Vale Naga grades 43-45. The fourth step, the collection Dome hunting Tanaris desert infested Dapeng, fire, or inflammation Peng Peng can be obtained Dome, collecting 12. Dapeng most likely to kill them in the 41-43 class, Yan Peng best price. Desert birds are very scattered, finding inefficient. A little trick: In the desert, often have some great animals, the original skeleton, there gathered a lot of fire-peng, grade 43-45. (Figure the position is a) strong players can challengeIn here, kill, do not have to run around. Fifth step, the task completed.

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Trumpet Crazy

2010-Apr-22, 07:35
Trumpet Crazy quot;God of Warquot; non-mainstream pk France Source: www.wowgold365.co.uk on Time: 2009 -- 10-30
As a trumpet for you, the long-term while the tears were beaten, miserable? As a trumpet for you, whether for long-term watch the enemy invasion, because of his impotence and frustration? As a trumpet for you, is it very envious of those who are riding a white horse dressed in 13 major generals and other Gold close fight with people when the despot? As a trumpet of you wish that one day he can effortlessly be able to turn the tide, disdaining the pack, Yufo kill the Buddha, seeGhost ghost seconds to one you have to solve one? Now, all this is no longer a fantasy! As long as the Society headquarters trumpet Cheats, home patient studies, not from the Palace, you can Xiucheng martial arts masterpiece! Miscellaneous and Tips: When the enemy to invade your country, when requested to build one a trumpet, 44 the following can be. Then the potential undetected into the enemy side, brush right point of the enemy#39;s head, select the quot;pk Discuss Ways forquot; - so, this person will be running around in circles looking at the screen of the pop-up dialog box and anxiety, because of his manipulation of the mouse can no longer freely. His eyes can no longer target the enemy, and he could onlyDan looked at this huge event of the prompt box and tears, anger wells up, under the Xinfuqizao, he accidentally pressed the wrong button, originally, we can immediately seconds off your country a general, and suddenly being on the rivers and lakes that had been long lost, quot;heaven and earth Predicamentquot; is sent to Dan arena ... ... this time, he may be in the yy where your lambasted. Unfortunately, you can not hear ... ... this time, you have in front of a computer Huazhiluanchan smile, smile, dancing ... ... this time, you have become the country#39;s most brave and resourceful trumpet - tuba pk enemy nemesis! Novice players can also enjoy the quot;God of Warquot;Riders enjoy the glory. pk War System - overlord race, princes war, wins tripod war, long war level exercises such as the nine pk system. The perfect situation to reproduce the turbulent Warring States. Story Warring States mission - covering a wealth of story: green Zi Jin, Ying Huaisha mourning, the National Memorial Ceremony soul; philosophers 100, etc. interlocking insinuate silhouette-lai of China#39;s ancient culture. quot;Honor guardquot; community system - like in the quot;God of Warquot; expanding their own power, the only way is from the official. From an ordinary government officials the country#39;s king, quot;God of Warquot; originality reference to the actual rank of the Warring States period in history. Allowing the player to the ground, experience the extraordinaryThe Warring States Period of the diverse field of political changes. Diverse props System - random changes in props attributes, coupled with the unique ore refining system that allows gamers to be a private foster their own magic weapon and dominate the arena and dominating the world! quot;God of Warquot; Description: quot;God of War,quot; a legacy from our history and culture of the Spring and Autumn, the interpretation of the blunt style of the Warring States period, China#39;s most famous and magnificent reproduction of the great war epic. Is a classic 2dpk online games, to role-playing games, war through the quot;God of Warquot; in every detail, soul-stirring, the story twists and turns of the story, magnificent, grand and epic scenes of the quot;national warquot; would be easy to interpreted as strategies for art and aesthetics of violence. Related links:
God of War Registered: http://www.wowgold365.co.uk/??adid=10001_012
games: http://www.wowgold365.co.uk/?html/downloads.shtml
Game Information : http://www.wowgold365.co.uk/?html/gameinfo.shtml

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Why you don't have freedom of speech in WoW

2010-Apr-22, 07:35
digg_url = 'http://www.uk/?playable_web_games/Do_You_Have_Freedom_o f_Speech_in_WoW'; Freedom of speech is one of the most often quoted rights by gamers and people online, yet it is sadly one of the most misunderstood. People think that just because they live in a democracy or free society that they have an innate right to do and say whatever they want wherever they want. This right comes about regularly when people are discussing forum bans, moderation, and people like Ghostcrawler telling folks they need to behave.co.wowgold365. .

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Now it's in Blizzard's best interest not to go power happy and ban whomever they feel like without any reason.com has such limits too. WoW. But everyone has their limits. We've seen from the explosive drama this last week over Ghostcrawler that Blizzard has limits on how far they'll allow people to express their unadulterated discontent. And it's in our best interest to allow dissent, even against our own articles, within our comments. .
In a private forum, such as the official World of Warcraft forums, or on a site like WoW. The people running the site or designing the game sets the rules, and that's that.com, you don't have any inherent right to do anything. If Blizzard says all communication must end with "Ni!" or you're banned from their forums, then that's the rule you must follow. It's their property and their choice to do that. .

For United States-based readers and players, the U. Such precedents exist within other legal systems as well. Supreme Court found in Loydd v. Tanner (1976) that the First Amendment does not give citizens the right to express themselves freely on private property.S. .
What does the first amendment and freedom of speech affect?
It affects the government. It even tells you that you have certain protections from government intrusions into your own life. Things like your right to establish a religion or the rights of the press. It does not give you the right to say whatever you want on privately owned websites, nor does it give you permission to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater. It gives you a right to tell those in power whatever is on your mind. .
Freedom of speech has absolutely no bearing within a private organization.com, you agree to abide by the organization's rules. If you don't follow those rules, or if someone in the organization just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed that day, you can be prohibited from returning to the forums or playing the game. When you accept WoW's Terms of Service or use a website like WoW. .

If we say every comment must make fun of gnomes or the commenter will be banned, then that's the rule you must follow. It's our website.

While you might not like that Blizzard has every right to ban you, and you might not like that we have every right to delete your comment, you have no legal standing under the first amendment to demand a private organization act differently. Nothing is forcing you to participate in either.com does, then you can express your displeasure with your feet. If you don't like what a private organization like Blizzard or WoW. You can go play a different game, you can go to a different website. .

So, my dear readers, before going out and screaming the wails of oppression, please understand that you're not being oppressed -- in fact, everything is just fine. Your rights are your rights, but they stop at Terms of Service.

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